March  2022 - Lost Soul with a Lost Cell 

So, I am in Florida for the third time this winter and scheduled to fly home. The church date is south central Florida and bass singer, Tom Graham, and I are booked to fly from Orlando at 10a.m. on Monday. 

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February 2022 - Southern Tales of Ice and Snow

History will look back on winter of 2022 and a deeply cold, harsh one.  Winter seems usually confined to the northern states where snow and cold are quite common. But 2022 saw the cold fronts sweeping across the nation almost…

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November 2021 - October Surprises and a Cruise ...

Remember last. month when I said, I asked God for opportunities? October was as exciting. Here's the wrap up.

The final week of September was the annual National Quartet Convention, the biggest Southern Gospel Music event in the country. It…

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Merry Christmas 2021

December - Christmas 2021 

Putting the Pieces Together 

God is GOOD, all the time. This little phrase has been echoed across Christian churches and gatherings for many years now. I have been known to add a companion thought, “God IS…

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